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Is it Anxiety or Anxiety over Anxiety 😕??

We all have heard about anxiety and have gone through the same at some point of time in our lives .

But What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a state of worry, nervousness or ease about something for which the outcome is not sure or uncertain.

Anxiety is a normal reaction or we can say an emotion .OR we can say our reaction of  🧠 brain to respond to stress that some danger is ahead.

Let me clear you with some easy examples which everyone has faced in their daily lives.

This is all occasional anxiety ,which is very normal and okay and necessary for our life’s normal functioning.

Our Mam used to say too much stress will make you dysfunction and will not allow you to see the things clearly ;too little stress will make you easy and careless and your work quality again will be very poor .

Moderate stress will allow you to think clearly, organize and will help you to complete your goal.

So,TENSION should always be COOL TENSION 😎

With the current lifestyle and materialistic behavior, people are becoming more prone to anxiety disorders

And now with the ongoing covid 19 pandemic going on ,the anxiety cases are increasing at an alarming rate.

Types of Anxiety Disorder

Causes of Anxiety Disorder

Statistics show that exact causes of these disorders are not known..but some of them may be

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

Treatment of Anxiety Disorder

The first step is to consult a Doctor to make it sure that no physical problem is causing the symptoms to surface.

Unfortunately major population of society facing anxiety issues doesn’t try to seek help . Some are ignorant about the illness and some have social stigma attached to them.

If anyone is dealing with anxiety on a regular basis, medication  doesn’t be the only solution.

If the symptoms are severe combining medications with Psychotherapy will get greater and effective results.

CBT or REBT has proven an effective solution for this disorder ;as it helps the person to change his or her dysfunctional thought pattern.



Take charge of your own feelings and symptoms … If you are facing the same and not able to resolve your issues ; please take help as this is only life we are living.

So,live life to the fullest!!

#Ray of Hope


Feel free to book a session, if you going through any problem in your life .

Love Deepika

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