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How to make New Year Happier with the ‘Einstein effect’

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As we all know that each and everything around us involves science whether its cooking, eating ,breathing and much more .

Einstein formula E=mc2, it states that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but it gets transferred from one state to another.

So ,why do we block our energy ,Yes we do !!


This is same question which is arising in your minds ? Right!

Our sedentary lifestyle ,the major reason, our behaviors and bad habits are mainly responsible for all this

This new year let’s practice some psychological tools to make this new year effective and happy the Einstein way 😀

Distress tolerance Monalisa smile

Monalisa half pursed lips 💋 are a great way to counter discomfort.

Written by me

When you shift your focus and voice what you want, and then describe what you’ll notice that’s different in your life using rich evocative details, you experience something very new and exciting in your life. You trigger hope and desire on a neurological level which in turn helps to project you forward by bringing in all your senses. You see what you want, you hear yourself describingwhat you want and emotionally you feel how much you desire this and the distance between where you are now and where you want to be seems to close.


So ,dear readers keep practicing these simple tips and welcome new year with a new ray of hope 😀

Keep your energy revolving and prayers and good luck to all

Love ❤

Deepika oberoi

Rebt practioner

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