A Dose of perspective

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Have it ever been happened to you that the beliefs which you were carrying for any person ,event or circumstances suddenly lose their value and suddenly you realised a shift of perspective ??

Humanistic psychologists believe that an individual’s behaviour and perspective is connected to his inner feelings and self – image. The Humanistic perspective centers on the view that each person is unique and has the free will to change at any point of time in his or her entire life . The humanistic perspective suggests that we all are responsible for our own happiness and well being as humans . Carl Rogers and Abraham Mashlow both have done a tremendous work on this approach .

lets understand how the perspective changes with the help of ceratin examples :

* A family on a vacation fighting on the whole trip suddenly mets with a terrible incident and after that incident they become nice to each other .

*After meeting a car accident ,the people in the car suddenly become nice to each other .A sort of quietness and kindness penetreates in the air .

* After having a visit to a hospital ,when you see so many patients with different type of diseases and ailments lying in the lobby of the hospital ,your view towards life suddenly changes . You become more grateful and optimistic towards life .


These are such small examples ,

Sometimes our beliefs and perspectives which we are carrying doesn’t allow us to grow and we keep on blaming others, events or circumtances for our misery. An analogy for this can be ” LOOKING IN THE MIRROR POINTING AND OUR REFLECTION POINTS US BACK” When you pull the ‘Thumb ‘ You take accountability . You are shifting your perspective from blame to ownership !!

Lessons are everywhere ,its upto you how to find them .

Learning never stops ,Its all depend on the right attitude how to see the wrong situations from right angles !


If the perspective you are carrying is not helping you in any way , JUST TAKE A NEW DOSE OF PERSPECTIVE



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  1. Nice, yes it is our attitude which responds to any situation. One should always try to be positive in every situation.

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