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A Noun or a  Verb ???

Who we are ?? To understand this, first let us understand our thinking pattern 🤔 There are two types of thinking; one is Convergent thinking and Divergent thinking Convergent thinking is based on facts ,logic and can defined as the ability to give correct solution to a problem  .It was coined by Joy Paul Gulliford …

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Mental health, self-love Borrow some help,when you are in needIt’s ABSOLUTELY OKAY!Borrow some time for You from your busy schedule It’s ABSOLUTELY OKAY!Borrow some kinda time for what you like to do! It’s ABSOLUTELY OKAY!Borrow some Recipes for soothing your taste buds,as most of the time you are preparing for allIt’s ABSOLUTELY OKAY!Borrow some time …

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New Batteries

Today, while cooking breakfast for my kiddos ,the Gasstove ignition was not happening, After trying lots of rounds ,I started finding manual lighter which we used long time back and it worked .It means ,the problem with the batteries. I will change the Batteries and it will work again, Problem sorted We often keep cribbing …

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May is known as mental health awareness month 💙 The objective of this post is to bring awareness about Mental health . The Stigma around mental health and treatment is long existed and still exist now although there is a lot that has been changed. Still now People feel a shame or they hesitate taking …

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We are really moving very fast towards a future that is different from the present and we want it to be absolutely different from the past. And for that Our vision should be consistent with reality so that we can have a better sight of today and thus it  can help us to cope away …

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Stay away

http://www.rayofhopecounslingservices.com Stay away ,stay away ,stay away from me Don’t come close as you terrify me !You don’t allow me to think You don’t allow me to act When you come ,I am not “ME”Stay away ,stay away ,stay away from me Don’t come close as you terrify me !You don’t allow me to rest …

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My friend

Of various imaginary shapes and assumptions ,A cloud is one which can take you to world of dream and imagination !Sometimes it looks like a beast and sometimes like a human figure Full of water yet light and fluffy as a drop of vapor It looks like a painting done on a canvas Which can …

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A personality trait which can be a way to earn approval and love by feeling overly concerned with pleasing others and earning their approval to maintain social relationships . If you are the one who is always in a run to please others ,get affected by others judgements and keep thinking ,” What others will …

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Release !

Forgiveness as a tool ! forgivenesss , emotions , relations ,psychology When someone hurts us or deal with us in such a way that we don’t like , we often feel humiliated ,shocked , bad ,disappointed ,hurt , broken or betrayed . But that action is for one time only and What we do ????????????? …

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Be the change !

poem. change .mypoem.thoughts, life Be the change you want to see!Be the change you want to be !Life is a journey ,where good and bad are togetherIf you keep on cribbing,that journey will turn into disaster!Stop complaining and stop expecting ,Get up and do some work as this is the only life in which you …

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