We are really moving very fast towards a future that is different from the present and we want it to be absolutely different from the past. And for that Our vision should be consistent with reality so that we can have a better sight of today and thus it  can help us to cope away …

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Be the change !

poem. change .mypoem.thoughts, life Be the change you want to see!Be the change you want to be !Life is a journey ,where good and bad are togetherIf you keep on cribbing,that journey will turn into disaster!Stop complaining and stop expecting ,Get up and do some work as this is the only life in which you …

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Growing with my little One !

What the **** ? Children, parents ,sex education, counseling Whether day to day language or the culture we are living in ,All is become westernised .Hey , I am not against any culture or any language. But some words like abusive language or slang words ,I  dont like at all . Even though I can’t …

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(BIN)ge (EAT)ing Disorders

Am I eating more ?? Am I eating less ?? I want to look perfect , Thin and slim is the best !! We all are fond of eating good food especially when it comes to a celeberation , party OR when someone is not in a good mood ; he/she feels better after eating …

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Threads of life

#relationship #emotions #relationshipmanagement A question for you all? If the relationships are not working or on the verge of breaking due to some or the other reason ,just make a question to yourself ? IF YOU WERE IN THE OTHER PERSON’S SHOES ,WHAT WOULD YOU WANT FOR THEM TO DO FOR YOU ? CAN YOU …

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quarantined, phase of dilemma, covid -19,thoughts, perspective ,taking right decisions Last few days were a little tough for our family as we were not well . This is not that it happened for the first time but this time the situation was a little changed as having little cold and cough gives you a terrible …



Perfection is a myth! Perfect is a word which is very commonly used by all of us on a daily basis. Everyone is running after a life which is free from flaws, defects ,free from mistakes . Everyone wants a perfect life, where nothing can go wrong , where you are free from all problems …

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New series on Sony live #punyashlok Ahilyabai

Last month a new series started on Sony live . Its name is punyashlok Ahilya bai. Its based on the character of Ahilya bai who reigned for about 30 years as a queen of Malwa. The series has become a daily watch for our whole family. My mother ,me ,my husband and my little one …

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Break The Taboo

Shame ,stigma ,beliefs, epistemology It is a common notion or belief that psychological disorder should be ashamed of  ! The stigma attached to mental Illness means that people are hesitant to consult a Doctor or psychologist because they are ashamed of their problems and sometimes they are not aware of . Actually psychological disorder which …

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