Depre (SAD) ⚠️

Now a days , this term is very widely used by almost everyone and in very vague terms . I have heard people saying that I am very depressed 😔. Last week ,I was going through my Facebook page and found one pic of my known going on a vacation and in the caption ,it …

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How to make New Year Happier with the ‘Einstein effect’

Science ,new year ,resolutions As we all know that each and everything around us involves science whether its cooking, eating ,breathing and much more . Einstein formula E=mc2, it states that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but it gets transferred from one state to another. So ,why do we block our energy …

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Review 2020                 

Blank year, not countable OR a year full of surprises. I heard many people saying that this year is not countable. It will not be added to my age , as we are not using it! Who told you not to use?😎 These type of phrases, Images and quotes were in a continuous procession in …

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A Secret letter

Memories ,tears and mourning Yesterday Evening ,a phone call came and don’t why my Heart got sank , What I was thinking seeing the expression of my husband was true. My friend jayshree departed !  Tears started rolling down my eyes and Speech got heavy and vision fainted .I was watching Indian Idol on Television …

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Is it Anxiety or Anxiety over Anxiety 😕??

We all have heard about anxiety and have gone through the same at some point of time in our lives . But What Is Anxiety? Anxiety is a state of worry, nervousness or ease about something for which the outcome is not sure or uncertain. Anxiety is a normal reaction or we can say an emotion .OR …

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