A personality trait which can be a way to earn approval and love by feeling overly concerned with pleasing others and earning their approval to maintain social relationships . If you are the one who is always in a run to please others ,get affected by others judgements and keep thinking ,” What others will …

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My Life Chose me !

poem, life, my journey ,original My life wasn’t easy since the time I was born ,It was full of hardships and health issues ;Like a path filled with less roses but more thorns!Bullied I was lot ,when I was a child ,Emotions were on a tsunami ,for that I require tissues;Teased and mocked ,yet there …

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Are you the one ?

Time, social media ,time- management ,teenage,anxiety Are you wasting our Time ?? May be Yes ,May be not !11 Lets Check it out !! Are you the one who sends ” Good morning ” messages to All ??Are you the one who forwards “FORWARDED MESSAGES ” to blah ,blah ,blah ,blah ??Are you the one …

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          A   Boy named  Ramaswamy was born and brought up in a very simple family . His father was a simple clerk in a post office in a town named Pallavaram in Chennai.  Ramaswamy was the elder son and he had a younger sister whom he used to adore a lot . Both the siblings share …


Growing with my little One !

What the **** ? Children, parents ,sex education, counseling Whether day to day language or the culture we are living in ,All is become westernised .Hey , I am not against any culture or any language. But some words like abusive language or slang words ,I  dont like at all . Even though I can’t …

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The  BEST Answer

This is what I heard when my son’s online class was going on . Let me share you the full story . My son who is studying in 3rd standard always surprise me his witty answers . His teacher , whenever she starts any new topic makes sure that it is interesting and all children …

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Children ,non-fiction, original, special education, inclusive M     – Master A     – At          T       -Troubling           H     – Homo                S      – Sapiens Anyone can become a Mathematician , IF , given training and proper guidance at the very early years of life which are called  the foundations years of life . Review your …

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A Uniform

I loved ,Oh I didnot love my school uniform ,it was of dark grey color with a striped tie in grey and red with grey socks and black shoes . Other school children used to tease us by saying that we look like mechanic in that Grey uniform Isn’t it ??? I don’t think so …

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Beliefs matter

It was the month of February,”the special month “ as me and my son share our birthdays in this month . My kiddo is a valentine gift as born on 14th of Feb and the name VIHAAN means ‘gift of God ‘My husband was not at home as he had gone out of station for some …

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