Mental health, self-love Borrow some help,when you are in needIt’s ABSOLUTELY OKAY!Borrow some time for You from your busy schedule It’s ABSOLUTELY OKAY!Borrow some kinda time for what you like to do! It’s ABSOLUTELY OKAY!Borrow some Recipes for soothing your taste buds,as most of the time you are preparing for allIt’s ABSOLUTELY OKAY!Borrow some time …

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Be the change !

poem. change .mypoem.thoughts, life Be the change you want to see!Be the change you want to be !Life is a journey ,where good and bad are togetherIf you keep on cribbing,that journey will turn into disaster!Stop complaining and stop expecting ,Get up and do some work as this is the only life in which you …

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My Life Chose me !

poem, life, my journey ,original My life wasn’t easy since the time I was born ,It was full of hardships and health issues ;Like a path filled with less roses but more thorns!Bullied I was lot ,when I was a child ,Emotions were on a tsunami ,for that I require tissues;Teased and mocked ,yet there …

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Are you the one ?

Time, social media ,time- management ,teenage,anxiety Are you wasting our Time ?? May be Yes ,May be not !11 Lets Check it out !! Are you the one who sends ” Good morning ” messages to All ??Are you the one who forwards “FORWARDED MESSAGES ” to blah ,blah ,blah ,blah ??Are you the one …

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poem , mask, covid -19 , pandemic ,original Aaj subah nikal padi, mai liye apne do pairo ka sath subah ki khushboo mai thi kuch alag hi baat ;Par kuch to ajeeb tha , kuch to alag jisse mai thi ekdum anjaan .Dikhte hi do char log ,samjhi kya hai alag aur kya hai khas …

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