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My own Prison

THE day, I got out of prison The prison of Patriarchy The prison of my own beliefs and values I pushed a lifetime of tears in a cage Down a street on a dead end I was in a smoky area fogged in a room behind Where no one can see what is written The …

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Growing with my little One !

What the **** ? Children, parents ,sex education, counseling Whether day to day language or the culture we are living in ,All is become westernised .Hey , I am not against any culture or any language. But some words like abusive language or slang words ,I  dont like at all . Even though I can’t …

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New series on Sony live #punyashlok Ahilyabai

Last month a new series started on Sony live . Its name is punyashlok Ahilya bai. Its based on the character of Ahilya bai who reigned for about 30 years as a queen of Malwa. The series has become a daily watch for our whole family. My mother ,me ,my husband and my little one …

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This title surprises you! Yes/No Heard of this many a times .Isn’t it? Women for Women(W4W) When women supports women incredible things happen!! “Women was and women is always powerful but when they support each other ,the strength becomes infinite. “ I ,believe none other than a women inspires other women to inspire . My …

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