How to make New Year Happier with the ‘Einstein effect’

Science ,new year ,resolutions As we all know that each and everything around us involves science whether its cooking, eating ,breathing and much more . Einstein formula E=mc2, it states that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but it gets transferred from one state to another. So ,why do we block our energy …

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GO with the Flow

Whatever happens ,happenss for good ! We all face different situations in day-to-day part of our life. Some situations motivate us and some make us down. I think, it all depends on us. THE PERCEPTION Whenever something not happens according to our comfort or according to our plans ,we feel down and start asking questions …

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Mind Disorders

Have you ever felt , that you are experiencing some kind of pain in your body and then you met with someone you love or with someone whom company you enjoy and then suddenly that pain starts to fade away? These are referred to as PSYCHOSOMATIC DISORDERS Let’s talk about psychosomatic disorders today. Any disorder which involves …

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The Math formula of Happiness

The essence of Mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple- S.Gudder Happiness is not buying an expensive car, living in a big bungalow ,wearing expensive ornaments or branded clothes. If this is the definition of happiness ,every person in the world owning these things must have been happier .But ironically, this …

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