understanding women

My own Prison

THE day, I got out of prison The prison of Patriarchy The prison of my own beliefs and values I pushed a lifetime of tears in a cage Down a street on a dead end I was in a smoky area fogged in a room behind Where no one can see what is written The …

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Perfection is a myth! Perfect is a word which is very commonly used by all of us on a daily basis. Everyone is running after a life which is free from flaws, defects ,free from mistakes . Everyone wants a perfect life, where nothing can go wrong , where you are free from all problems …

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New series on Sony live #punyashlok Ahilyabai

Last month a new series started on Sony live . Its name is punyashlok Ahilya bai. Its based on the character of Ahilya bai who reigned for about 30 years as a queen of Malwa. The series has become a daily watch for our whole family. My mother ,me ,my husband and my little one …

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Beliefs matter

It was the month of February,”the special month “ as me and my son share our birthdays in this month . My kiddo is a valentine gift as born on 14th of Feb and the name VIHAAN means ‘gift of God ‘My husband was not at home as he had gone out of station for some …

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This title surprises you! Yes/No Heard of this many a times .Isn’t it? Women for Women(W4W) When women supports women incredible things happen!! “Women was and women is always powerful but when they support each other ,the strength becomes infinite. “ I ,believe none other than a women inspires other women to inspire . My …

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