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Forgiveness as a tool ! forgivenesss , emotions , relations ,psychology When someone hurts us or deal with us in such a way that we don’t like , we often feel humiliated ,shocked , bad ,disappointed ,hurt , broken or betrayed . But that action is for one time only and What we do ????????????? …

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My Life Chose me !

poem, life, my journey ,original My life wasn’t easy since the time I was born ,It was full of hardships and health issues ;Like a path filled with less roses but more thorns!Bullied I was lot ,when I was a child ,Emotions were on a tsunami ,for that I require tissues;Teased and mocked ,yet there …

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pain ,psychology ,trauma, attutude,medicine, contentment P…….PAIN  A………AT TIMES OF         I……….INCREASED        N………NEGATIVE ATTITUDE             Pain is an indispensable part of our life .Since the time we are born till we die ; we undergo different types of pain . Whether it’s a part of our growing processes or healing , it can’t be neglected …

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          A   Boy named  Ramaswamy was born and brought up in a very simple family . His father was a simple clerk in a post office in a town named Pallavaram in Chennai.  Ramaswamy was the elder son and he had a younger sister whom he used to adore a lot . Both the siblings share …


The Myth of Negative Emotions

A common myth believed about negative emotions is that they should be ignored, suppressed , kept aside or not given importance at all. But Is this the truth? NO,Not at all,the truth is that Emotions are emotions neither good not bad they are too important in our life. Whether positive or negative ,emotions are a check for …

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